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I’d never had life coaching before and was initially apprehensive. However, Poppy put me at ease immediately with her calm demeanour and warm personality. I felt I could trust her implicitly and before I knew it I was opening up like I never had before. 
I felt completely safe and supported during my sessions with Poppy, she really listened and somehow managed to decipher my confusion, pulling out the key things that I didn’t realise were holding me back. Poppy gave me the tools to tackle my issues with a clarity I’d never realised possible before.
Working with Poppy has genuinely changed my life. I feel better prepared to deal with things now and I cannot recommend Poppy enough.

N.H, London, UK

Coaching with Poppy was like having a fairy godmother at your side. I felt supported, encouraged and challenged all of which helped me be the best version of myself. My initial goals were not only met but I was able to develop a more authentic side of me which meant I could go on and achieve things way out of my comfort zone. Poppy helped me through a tricky year navigating work, finances, friendships, life as a mum as well as feeling comfortable with the unknown.  She is an incredibly insightful coach, full of positivity and passion for helping others.  A wonderful listener, empathetic and someone who shares your successes like they were her own.  Poppy is a fantastic coach and would highly recommend working with her. 


R.D, London, UK

Poppy made me challenge myself to discover new approaches and solutions and helped me trust myself better, during a time when I was experiencing a dip in confidence, focus and direction. Poppy probed, questioned and reflected back to help me go deeper and unearth new perspectives. 
Our sessions helped reframe perspectives for me, resulting in a sense of removing energetic blockages that had held me back. As a result I felt more ease and confidence in identifying, articulating and attracting new opportunities, aligned with my vision of where I want to be.
Working together (with Poppy) felt safe and joyful. I felt that our conversations effortlessly worked with ‘the whole me’, that I could bring all aspects of myself.


Working with Poppy was great. After being made redundant I had to make some important life choices about my future career moves. I really needed an impartial unbiased person to talk though my dilemma with. Poppy’s calm and professional manner made her easy to talk to. I felt safe and comfortable opening up about emotional and financial worries. 
She remained impartial throughout the process and drew out feeling and thoughts I needed to express before moving forward in my life.

D.B, London, UK

I chose a short programme with Poppy as I felt lost around a decision I had to make. She held space for me in a time when my head was spinning, really listened to me and provided support as well as insight to my situation that helped me move forward. I felt really empowered after our sessions and clearer about my focus. I've signed up to her longer term programme to keep me on track!

S.N, Stockholm, Sweden

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