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Drop me an email and we'll confidentially talk about all things you, what's going on in your world, what you're looking to be coached around and what goals you wish to set.

I'm happy to send a price PDF to you. Please note, I charge organisations more for my packages.

I'm able to offer a reduced cost slot on the longer term Deep-Dive and Bloom programmes for low-income households. Do drop me an email if that's you, we'll have a conversation and I'll add you to the wait list.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Surfboard On Water


This 3 x session package will help you reset yourself, so you can focus on what's going on in your world. We'll challenge those blocks, thought spirals and what it is that's keeping you stuck. Each session will focus closely on the topic you want to work around, whether it's the same topic or a different one for each session.

What's included: 3 x fortnightly 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom/Skype, or Signal which is a free and secure video/call/messaging app, or we can have a traditional call, all to be taken over 2 months

An email check-in between our sessions

Recommendation of coaching practices/helpful tools will be suggested to clients where appropriate

Sitting with Notebooks


This 6 x session package will be bespoke to you. You may want weekly sessions to help support you and keep you on track as you move through what’s currently challenging you. Or you may want to space the last few sessions out to help keep you in alignment. In our sessions we'll collaboratively explore what’s going on in your world, and we’ll work together to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

What’s included:

6 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom, Telephone or Signal (a securer FactTime) to be taken over 5 months

Email check-in between our sessions

Recommendation of coaching practices, helpful tools and books will be suggested to clients where appropriate

Crystal Ball


The Habit Breaker is designed to support you as you call it quits with that outdated habit. The one that keeps you stuck in an old way of being and feels uncomfortable to repeat because you know you’ve outgrown it. I'll provide a safe space to help support you as we deep dive into your world, finding a different way to approach your pattern, forge forth with a new way to respond to it and create sustainable, actionable steps to fully implement your new way to be. As Phillippa Lally pointed out during her research at UCL, it actually takes 66 days to form a habit, not 21. So with that in mind, let's take 8 sessions over 3 months to bring in this positive change.

What’s included:

8 x fortnightly 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom, Telephone or Signal (a securer FaceTime) to be taken over 3 months

Email check-in between our sessions

Messages via Signal where needed

Recommendation of coaching practices, helpful tools and books will be suggested to clients where appropriate



The Bloom package is longer term, designed to give you support as you steadily work through life, your goals, dreams, heartbreak recovery, fears, imposter syndrome, and what keeps holding you back. Together we'll cover all you need support with in our safe and encouraging space where you can work through blocks and setbacks allowing you to fully bloom into your true, authentic, empowered self.

What's included: 12 x monthly 75 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom, Signal (a free, secure, private video/call/ messaging app) or a call

Fortnightly email check-in between our sessions

Contact in-between our sessions via Signal if needed

Recommendation of coaching practices/helpful tools will be suggested to clients where appropriate

Women in Bodysuit


So, you've been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Maybe you were handed a leaflet on it, or maybe you were prescribed the contraceptive pill. Then, after your PCOS diagnosis, you were sent home to wonder what on earth is this condition? And what does it mean for my body?


How did you feel after that diagnosis? Overwhelmed? A little alienated? Unsupported? Or relieved you had a label? Or maybe you're coming off the pill and have been flattened by all your symptoms that were masked? Or maybe you've hit the years of peri-menopause and feel besieged by all the extra symptoms.


You may have spent countless hours deep-diving your PCOS symptoms on the interweb and come across terms you don't understand and drugs people promise will cure you. They likely won't.


Family and friends may have offered great advice that doesn't work for you. Some may have even dismissed your condition by telling you 'so many' women have PCOS, which may have silenced you.


Or perhaps you haven't told people around you about your diagnosis, because explaining the condition and its symptoms is uncomfortable. We can sometimes carry shame in our diagnosis, when there's nothing 'wrong' with us. PCOS is a medical condition that affects many.


If your body has the PCOS label, you're in good company as 1 in 10 women in the UK are estimated to have it. Each individual has different symptoms.


  • You might struggle with your weight

  • You might not get periods or you might have painful periods

  • You might struggle with hair loss or hirsutism (excess hair on the face and body)

  • Your skin might be prone to acne or you might have skin tags

  • You might struggle with infertility

  • You may feel anxious or fall into depression

  • You may suffer from crippling bouts of low self-esteem

  • You might be prone to brain fog and feeling exhausted


It's likely that a selection of the above symptoms resonate with you.


Having a PCOS diagnosis is helpful. But it doesn't help the emotional turmoil you battle with on a daily basis as you try to manage your condition. Especially in the months following diagnosis, or when you come off the contraceptive pill and all your symptoms return with a vengeance. 


It took me 10 years to get diagnosed with PCOS. And another five after that to get off medication and learn how to manage my symptoms my way. It was sometimes a bumpy road.


I now feel healthy and have energy. But my PCOS symptoms will make themselves known when I stressed. As it's hard to live a stress free life in this world of ours, I have put practises in place to help me manage my condition.


And this is where I am able to offer my services to you, my fellow 'cyster'.


I've created a 1:1 programme to help support you as you manage your diagnosis and your symptoms. Together in our safe space, you will be empathetically and deeply listened to as we explore what's best for your health and wellbeing.


Together we'll set you a realistic health goal and put a plan in place so you can manage your condition. 


This is not about following a specific diet plan or forcing yourself to do cardio daily. This is a deeply supportive programme which is centred on emotionally supporting you as you make better decisions for your body, your way. We're going to switch you from being uncomfortable in your body to managing your symptoms and feeling more at home in it.


We will explore your feelings and work on the low self-esteem that comes with PCOS. We will spend time challenging all those things you've been saying to yourself about your body. Together we'll work on building positive feelings and high regard for yourself. 


Let's get you feeling like the person you want to be. Click the link below to arrange a free call with me. We'll talk about your PCOS and how this programme can support you in getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

BM 4.jpg


So you're feeling it, not sure if you want to go back or move forward. Do you ditch all the mutual friends or keep them close whilst keeping tabs on your ex by frequently checking their social media. You're scared of what's next. Letting go of a person who we wanted in our life isn't easy regardless of who did what, when, how and why, not to mention the pressure of needing to seem *fine* on social media (ugh!). In our safe and non-judgemental space we'll spend our 4 x sessions focusing on you, reminding you of who you were before you became a 'we'. We'll reconnect you to your dreams and passions so you can take control and feel stronger, confident and powerful as you heal your heart and reconnect to your true self. 

Please note this is a structured programme requiring a 4 week commitment and we are going to focus deeply on you! 

What's included: 4 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom/Skype, Signal which is a free and secure video/call/messaging App, or a traditional call, all to be taken over an 4 week period

Email check-in between our sessions

Recommendation of coaching practises/helpful tools will be suggested to clients were appropriate



I offer one-off calls (via Zoom, the Signal app or a traditional call) to my former clients who want a reset on a matter we've worked on together, if an impartial sounding board is needed on something new, or if a boost is needed to get back on track. 

Prices are all in line with long term packages. 

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